Construction Mortgage

Loan - From $50,000 to $10,000,000

Ready to speak directly to a mortgage professional?

Do you have dreams of building your own home that suits your personality and lifestyle? Obtaining a construction mortgage loan is easier then you think. APPLY NOW  

Building your home from the ground up is exciting but can be a stressful process, we make sure getting a construction mortgage won’t be. It’s important to sit down with your CTMS mortgage professional and contractor to discuss your financing in the initial phases to come up with a realistic budget, expectations and estimated timeframe for building your new home.

That information along with your proof of income/assets, credit history and other financial details will be submitted to a lender for approval.

CTMS Construction Specialist takes the confusion of arranging the financing for building your dream home away; our agents understands the importance of helping you to be prepared and have all the necessary information before you begin. CTMS serve the Greater Toronto Area and all surrounding areas with in Ontario. Contact us if you are ready to start building the home of your dreams.