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Your rate qualification depends on factors such as credit scores and home equity, as per Canadian regulations.

6 months Open 1 Year Open 6 Months

1 Year



2 Year



3 Year



4 Year



5 Year



7 Year



10 Year



- - - 6.79% 6.14% 5.29% 5.24% 4.99% 6.34% 6.44%

Insured/Insurable: (A)Maximum Amortization of 25 Yrs. (B) Maximum Purchase Price of $999,999. (C) Qualify at Banchmark Rate or Contract +2% (whichever is greater)

Uninsured: A) Any deal with amortization above 25 yrs. (B) Any deal where the purchase price is 1 million or above. (C) Any refinance transaction. (D) Qualify at Banchmark Rate or Contract +2% (whichever is greater)


*E&O Rates subject to change without notice. O.A.C. 

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Fixed Rate Mortgage

5 year closed High Ratio


A fixed rate mortgage is a great option for first time home owners. Most mortgage consumers likes the security of this mortgage type because the mortgage interest and payment will stay the same for the entire mortgage term. With this option consumers can purchase a property with less than 20% down.

Variable Rate Mortgage

5 year closed High Ratio

Current Prime Rate



A variable rate mortgage interest is typically lower than on a fixed mortgage interest rate and there are different options available:

  • Fixed Payment Option - some lenders allow mortgagee to keep their payments the same for the duration of the mortgage term
  • Adjustable payment option - Mortgagee would pay more or less interest depending on the prime rate; in other words the amount of your payment will change if rates change. Note that the rise and fall of interest rates are difficult to predict

There is also the option to switch to a fixed rate at any time (conditions may apply).

Optional Mortgage Features
Payment Frequency

Payment Frequency refers to how often mortgagee makes their mortgage payments. Ask your CTMS agent how you can save thousands of dollars with accelerated payment option which allow you to make the equivalent of one extra monthly payment each year. 

Payment frequency options may include:

  • Monthly - 1 payment per month
  • Semi Monthly - 2 payments per month (monthly payment divided by two)
  • Bi-weekly  - 1 payment every 2 weeks ( monthly payments multiple by 12 and divide by 26)
  • Weekly - 1 payment per week (monthly payment multiple by 12 & divide by 52)
  • Accelerated biweekly - 1 payment every 2 weeks (monthly payment divided by 2)
  • Accelerated weekly - 1 payment per week (monthly payment divided by 4)
Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)

HELOC is a secured form of credit that lenders use your home as guarantee that you will pay back the money you borrowed. Generally lenders only requires you to pay interest on the money you use; there are no fixed repayment amount and borrowers can use up to the credit limit, pay it back and borrow again as they see fit. HELOC can even be combined with fixed-term mortgage. Ask your CTMS agent how you can finance part of your home purchase using your HELOC.

Title Insurance

Title insurance protects you and your lender against losses related to the property’s title or ownership. There are two types of Title Insurance:

  1. Lender Title Insurance - protects lender until the mortgage is paid in full
  2. Homeowner Title Insurance - Protects homeowner as long as they owns the home.

This is a one time premium cost that’s based on the value of the home.


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