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(CTMS) - Is home to dedicated reliable Mortgage professionals who work closely with their clients to achieve their mortgage goals. We find and secure financing solutions for residential and/or commercial properties of any dollar amount! Understanding that a ‘one-size-fit-all’ approach does not work. CTMS licenses professionals work in the very best interest of their clients and tailor mortgages to their clients’ present and future needs.

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Current Stress Test & Life’s Issues Making It Hard To Qualify For A Mortgage?

Even with good credit, high beacon score, traditional salary job and/or 20% down payment does not readily fit into some traditional banks lending guidelines. CTMS are equipped (but are not limited) to providing real mortgage solutions:

  • Bruised credit
  • Rejected by banks
  • Power of Sale
  • Good credit
  • Property Taxes in Arrears
  • Self Employed
  • Hard to prove income
  • Past Bankrupt
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Home Equity Loan
  • Home Renovation

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With our one-stop shop services, our expert mortgage agents give you ongoing support and consultation, independent unbiased advice on your financial options; We negotiate on your behalf to get your best mortgage rate and term. Our clients have achieved their right mortgage.

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Whether you're a First Time Home Buyer, needs a Mortgage Pre-Approval or an existing mortgage consumer who needs a Mortgage Renewal; to Port/Transfer your Mortgage; looking for a Reverse Mortgage; needs a Home Equity Line of Credit; a Second Mortgage; to Consolidate your Debt; or looking for an Investment Property; needs Commercial or Construction Mortgage; Our dedicated Mortgage Brokers are waiting to help. 


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Everyone’s rate is unique, what’s yours? Your rate qualification depends on factors such as credit scores and home equity, as per Canadian regulations. There’s no cost and no obligation.


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We provide mortgage solution services for new purchase,  refinancing, mortgage maturity or transferring of your current mortgage.    Celebrating differences with our tailored mortgage experience!

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