Commercial Mortgage

Purchase Land and Buildings or Cover Construction Cost to Build New Ones!

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  • Get financing to cover project cost - Up to 100%
  • Repay Loan - Up to 25 year
  • Postpone principal payment at the start of the loan - Up to 36 months

Buying Commercial real estate is potentially profitable and is an important decision that is often complex. To make your project a smooth reality, speak to our Commercial Mortgage Specialist who will tailor your loan to you needs and support you through the process, note that:

  • Personal assets are not taken as collateral for the loan* and your terms and conditions does not change without due cause
  • Your payments would be matched to your cash flow cycle, making it easier for on time payments
  • Extra financing can be arranged when needed on top of the real estate loan to cover additional expenses

With your Commercial Mortgage Loan you can:

  • Purchase land and building or cover construction cost to build new ones
  • Expand or renovate your existing premises
  • Replenish working capital that was depleted by real estate cost

It’s very important to first discuss your situation and options with a CTMS Commercial Mortgage Loan Broker as the criteria can greatly differ from that of a residential mortgage. Knowing the approval process is key.

Lenders will assess the property condition, value, zoning, the borrowers financial situation, and what type of business to determine the best pricing and terms.

Down payments required and rates for commercial mortgages vary and are determined on a case by case basis.